NBA LIVE 14 VS. NBA 2K14 – Who Will Win The Title of Next-Gen Basketball Supremacy nba 2k14

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En este episodio de My Player en el NBA 2k14 nos enfrentamos a los Detroit Pistons. Todos los videos del canal en:…

38 thoughts on “NBA LIVE 14 VS. NBA 2K14 – Who Will Win The Title of Next-Gen Basketball Supremacy nba 2k14”

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  2. Yall why argue over what game u want some people want 2k some want live just let that be don’t judge someone cause u want 2k and they want live

  3. Who cares which basketball game will be better? Either way we’re going to probably get a really good basketball game either way. Hopefully 2 good basketball games. I don’t know why you threw out the term bandwagoners because that has no relevance at all here. If there was any relevance it would be NBA Live having bandwagoners because it’s been on a break since it’s last game. 2K hasn’t.

  4. I ain’t smoking shit, you need to stop hating and open up your fucked up eyes. I understand almost everyone is on 2ks dick but you’ll see live will be back on top. I like 2k but it’s cheesy and live looks better during gameplay and has better presentation. It’s funner to play and less bullshit. Idgaf what y’all bandwagoners think just wait and see.

  5. The screenshot on the far right was from the first pre-rendered trailer, while both lebron screenshots were from trailer using actual in game footage. He just proved everyone’s point in saying 2k looks better. Live’s pre-rendered close up look as 2K’s in game close up. JUST SAYING

  6. No todavia no, de momento estoy mejorando los atributos del jugador. Cuando tenga el jugador con buena media me comprare algun paquete de bandejas y de mates

  7. Bueno han cambiado los controles, pero es mas o menos parecido. Queria decir primera victoria que subai al canal en la liga regular. En la clasificacion voy con un 13- 11

  8. Poquito a poco vamos mejorando, si ya esto en el 50% casi , con el padre en el nba 2k13 al final tenia mas de 60%

  9. Ya rondando el 50% de TC, poco a poco le vas cogiendo el truco. Gran partido.

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