NBA 2k14 Tips – How To Throw An Alley Oop NBA 2K14 Xbox

NBA 2k14 Tipa – How To Throw An Alley Oop This is how to throw an alley oop on PS3 and Xbox 360. Sign up for RPM network here: Subscribe …

This video would show the NBA 2K14 for Android Gameplay demo along with the commentary and demonstrate that how this game (NBA 2K14 Android Gameplay) runs on…
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33 comments on “NBA 2k14 Tips – How To Throw An Alley Oop NBA 2K14 Xbox
  1. MsGergomez says:

    como se hace el pase alley oop en el teclado y en el joystick con numeros y los botones de atras

  2. MsGergomez says:

    como se hace el pase alley oop en el teclado y en el joystick con numeros y los botones de atras

  3. MrImperialGold | SUBSCRIBE IF YOUR ARE A BOSS!!!!! says:

    lol yea i have that problem when i commentate in utube vids. dunno why but i dont swallow my spit.

  4. Tmack22222 says:

    Probably because you talk like theres a gallon of water in the side of your mouth….

  5. MrImperialGold | SUBSCRIBE IF YOUR ARE A BOSS!!!!! says:

    Why r people giving dislikes to this video? i tell u how to throw an alley oop in the video n its right. plz do not dislike it.

  6. MrImperialGold | SUBSCRIBE IF YOUR ARE A BOSS!!!!! says:

    HOLY CRAP! over 500 views already. ty guys n hope this helps u. sub cuz i will be makin more 2k14 tips videos! make sure to like the vid if it helped 😀

  7. MrImperialGold | SUBSCRIBE IF YOUR ARE A BOSS!!!!! says:

    when u use the 2k13 controls, u cant do flashy passes or alley oops. therefore u cannot throw an alley oop. u can only do it in the 2k14 controls

  8. Quisee says:

    Can you figure out how to do it NOT on the default settings? with the old scheme n it seems to be no way to do it with the old settings

  9. khalifabanz says:

    go torrent and download it…

  10. ray janssen says:

    How kan buy it’s only for the Kindle

  11. TechCloud says:

    If you have Amazon US account then you can install Amazon store and buy and install the game from there.

  12. Raghul Sivarajan says:

    Could you please tell me how to download it?

  13. averageguysgadgetguy says:

    If you could post the instructions to installing nba2k14 it would much appreciated…again thanks for the info

  14. TechCloud says:

    Compatibility issue. I am going to send you a message and follow the instructions. Who knows this works

  15. Matt Richard Bernal says:

    Nba 2k14

  16. Matt Richard Bernal says:


  17. Matt Richard Bernal says:

    What needed of nba 2k15

  18. Matt Richard Bernal says:

    Its cause erorrs they back home if I click it cant play

  19. TechCloud says:

    I do not have the device so I can not tell for sure.

  20. Matt Richard Bernal says:

    In s galaxygrand if wil work

  21. TechCloud says:

    You are welcome. Yes it has slightly better graphics but I didn’t feel improved game play mechanics while playing it but I have not played 2K13 that much so may be there are improvements but even if they are there, they must be less noticeable. Yeah for some reason the 2K13 has graphics issues with S800 phones.

  22. averageguysgadgetguy says:

    Cool man I appreciate the info…I mainly want 2014 for the updated graphics, newer game play mechanics..and mostly that 2k13 has pixelated spots on my note 3 and galaxy mega…strange 2k games would remove live commentary…thanks for response man

  23. TechCloud says:

    Yes, this is the Kindle version. I hope that 2K14 would be out in Google play some time soon but if you have NBA 2K13 then I don’t think that you are missing much as the only addition I see is the Lebron Path to Greatness. Also NBA 2K13 has proper commentary but this one says player number instead of name.

  24. averageguysgadgetguy says:

    Hey man is this the kindle version? Thats the only android version I can see for android. Been waiting for 2k14 for android after loving 2k13…any help would be appreciated

  25. TechCloud says:

    I have not played this game for so long on Note 3 so I can’t say for sure. This games has some issues on Note 3 e.g. the controls do not work as good as they should. I think these are compatibility issues and it would be resolved with time only.

  26. TechCloud says:

    So far it is exclusive to amazon store only. Hopefully it would come to Play Store soon.

  27. Romarck Ong says:

    why is it not in the play store???

  28. eska lim says:

    hi….after the game run some time on my note 3…it will become lag and the screen stop there and i need to reboot the game…any solution and will it happen on u too??

  29. TechCloud says:


  30. Matt Richard Bernal says:


  31. Patrick Aubrey says:

    next generation will workin on all android!

  32. TechCloud says:

    Probably not fully compatible yet.

  33. TechCloud says:

    They have not mentioned the game requirement anywhere so can’t say for sure about Tab 2.