NBA 2k14 My Career – The Creation of My Scoring Point Guard Ep.1 NBA 2K14 Xbox

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25 comments on “NBA 2k14 My Career – The Creation of My Scoring Point Guard Ep.1 NBA 2K14 Xbox
  1. Spartan12Killer says:

    I heard it too. x_x

  2. Gonapiopa says:

    I wish I was as good as you 2k14 is my first 2k game and I’m a noob lol

  3. Frank Buchannon says:


  4. LETS_GO_HEAT15 says:

    it is a part of the soundtrack

  5. OhJexzi says:

    is it just me or is blurred line by robin thicke in the background???

  6. Dante DiRaimo says:

    Your not that dark if anything your white as fuck

  7. danmarinorules100 says:

    your birthday id july 15th mine is too

  8. 108Ajrocks says:

    Ears look terrible

  9. Timmy Shodipo says:


  10. Eric Clements says:

    Anto you realize your player is black right?

  11. WILL0ify says:

    i heard daft punk get lucky

  12. mohamad ranaby says:

    hey can either of you guys tell me what is the song in the background

  13. Roxas708090 says:

    Yes i am…

  14. ZanyCentral says:

    I live in Pasadena Maryland

  15. Jackson Zumski says:

    Me clutch was my name for 2k13

  16. Kingolimar354 says:

    looks exactly the same except red menus are now blue

  17. corey steinman says:

    There’s nothing better about 2k14

  18. Devonte Shaw says:


  19. wwwty02 says:

    Blured lines yaya

  20. parker11wb says:

    LOL berlerd lines

  21. Charles Hua says:

    Your NBA 2K13 player looked more like you though!

  22. MCFinest00 says:

    I live in Maryland too

  23. Robert Williams says:

    Ready For Another Year Anto !

  24. brenrocks15 says:

    Dude in nba2k13 I discovered u on your first episode happy first anniversary

  25. Soul14Breaker says:

    Man I wanna get this