Nba 2k14 How To Make Perfect Shot Releases| Make More 3’s |Controller Camera Demonstration NBA 2K14 Xbox

Whats good yall! This is my How To Make More Shots or 3’s with perfect release! I even did it on Camera with my controller! Drop likes for next vid! Check ou…

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31 comments on “Nba 2k14 How To Make Perfect Shot Releases| Make More 3’s |Controller Camera Demonstration NBA 2K14 Xbox
  1. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    How do you got the timing tab in top right ?

  2. CheesyPoncho says:

    I noticed that there is a pause in everyones shot is that the release point?

  3. Onix Carmona says:

    Good Tips

  4. CheesyPoncho says:

    so you release it at the top of his head. am I right

  5. Justin D says:

    play me if u want practice…

  6. Kevin Hart says:

    I really appreciate this man. Add me on xbox *granberry81* I would like some practice

  7. WhatChaMaCalling says:

    Sorry yall! But you hold “X” until the peak of the shot! Then you let go! Sorry I thought everyone would have known that lol.

  8. John Caggiano says:

    so do you hold x and release at the peak of the jump, or do you press x and press it again at the peak?

  9. Chris Britton says:

    My career mode keeps freezing?? Help me please??

  10. DormantMilk04 says:

    great video

  11. brownrespect says:

    Damn! I’m not even getting 2k14 till later today and this video already helped so much before I got it. Keep making tips like this bro. Love how you showed the controller.

  12. NotYourAverageFlight says:

    great how to I like the controller cam

  13. Moralised says:

    tips for vc please

  14. WhatChaMaCalling says:

    You have to practice on it!

  15. WhatChaMaCalling says:

    I switched to the Melo jump package!

  16. elijah jones says:


  17. elijah jones says:

    Pls watchamacalling

  18. Scorpio18 says:

    Get your mid range or 3 point shot up. It will decrease the release error.

  19. Muhammad Jobe says:

    my player shot is confusing i can only very early or slightly early or very late i can never get a perfect

  20. James Rice says:

    Oh I don’t know

  21. elijah jones says:

    For your my player

  22. elijah jones says:

    Shooting form and shot base with your timing

  23. elijah jones says:

    Pls what is your

  24. marcos81898 says:

    Jimmy is a shooting guard and Deng is a smallfoward not the same position

  25. RareSpark says:

    Thanks for the tip man. :)

  26. Rem mula says:

    Enjoyed the vid. Sweet Lou can easily carry an offense top 10 scorers in 2k. His 90 shoot off dribble and 90 shoot in traffic is no joke

  27. RareSpark says:

    Thanks man. :)

  28. ferny tcg says:

    awesome video dude

  29. RareSpark says:

    Nice, thanks for the tip.

  30. esmook1228 says:

    Bobby Laruso was a gold

  31. esmook1228 says:

    They moved Dennis rodman and mahomod Abdul rauf to silver and more so its worth it!!