LTTP E3 Reaction of Live 14 & 2K14 Reveals – NBA 2K13 PC Gameplay Spurs vs Heat NBA Live 14 Xbox One

Talkin’ about the E3 reveals of the upcoming basketball games, recapping my prediction videos, and a little next gen console talk about the new Xbox and Play…
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NBA 2k14 – Path To Greatness will be a brand new Game Mode on Nba 2k14 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps3, PS4 etc. In this video I discuss my thoughts on this …

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50 comments on “LTTP E3 Reaction of Live 14 & 2K14 Reveals – NBA 2K13 PC Gameplay Spurs vs Heat NBA Live 14 Xbox One
  1. JaoSming says:


  2. TheKobef4n says:

    Man u play bad ^^ sry but shotselection is… Puhh…

  3. LSUforever says:

    Love watching the heat lose. :-)

  4. JaoSming says:

    unfortunately its personal, but its from mythbuster I think with the ads

  5. sebasticor says:

    JaoSming awesome video. Where Can I download this awesome court with the NLSC board

  6. JaoSming says:

    Me? lol, the NBA Live 13/14 Optimist?
    The proportions of those models is an issue, but fuck man I have been one of the biggest supports of EA’s sim basketball series for years. There is no bandwagon jumping, but there is nothing to really defend EA on until they show something.
    I am very optimistic with what Live 14 will be, its a day one buy for me and as long as I can record, you will see plenty of it on this channel.

  7. thetylerjames98 says:

    @JaoSming I’m so freaking tired of everyone bashing NBA LIVE 14. Jao Sming you talk ish now about the live graphic models but watch you jump on the bandwagon when live shuts you up.

  8. JaoSming says:

    2K13? I bought the disc version day one.

  9. RonnyTheGamer says:

    Did you buy this or did you get it free?

  10. Jerseymad93 says:

    Sorry I just gave a plug smh, I just know you like playing streetball and making highlight plays.

  11. Jerseymad93 says:

    Good video Jaos love your work, check out my channel If you want help with dribbling in 2k, it’s not like the typical tutorials, I actually give you a breakdown on why they work and when to use them, I don’t have a mic right now but will in the future.

  12. TheDamdavis says:

    Oh, you’re right lol, I must have been thinking about live 06, I can admit when I’m wrong, lmao.

  13. JaoSming says:

    I think we have differing definitions of what is sliding or not. What I meant by 07 not having sliding was through its footplanting tech, that did a good job of not skating around. If you want a bunch of slo-mo replays of 07 in action, watch this retrospective and fast forward to the 07 part aHY2-XL8Arg

  14. JaoSming says:

    some random one from seanjohn from December that I customized a bit

  15. JaoSming says:

    some random one from seanjohn from December that I customized a bit

  16. TheDamdavis says:

    Live 07 had a lot of sliding, what live 07 did you play? players practically teleported with how bad the sliding was in that game.Basketball video games have always had ice hockey in them, I’m excited for no sliding. never said I was excited for live 14, but I’m excited that this big issue is being addressed at the beginning of next gen. I’m buying 2k14 day one on next gen, I”m a 2k guy, but I can admit live sounds interesting at the very least.

  17. Victor De Moya says:

    I mean, If this is a shadow mod or a graphics mod, because it looks so real.. I want it. What graphics mod is it?

  18. JaoSming says:


  19. JaoSming says:

    no idea. Every month or so I download every CF I can find and just throw them into the game, paying no attention to who made who. I just figure they all must be better than 2K default.

  20. JaoSming says:

    the ball is originally from JoeJames, he made it last year for NBA 2K12, I took the textures and imported them into the 2K13 ball file

  21. JaoSming says:

    unfortunately we have confirmed that the PC version will be another PS360 port, not the PS4 or Xbone version of the game.
    The game will release the same day as the PS360, and will still be $30

  22. Victor De Moya says:

    What graphics is it?

  23. JaoSming says:

    Calm down, Live 07 had no sliding and was so shitty it was technically the first NBA Live game to be cancelled this generation (PS3 release was cancelled)
    But I saw the videos too and it did look promising, fingers crossed.

  24. TheDamdavis says:

    There is actual gameplay footage of live 14’s dribbling and it looks really freaking good, and the impression from Steve on OS said there is NO SLIDING jesus. no sliding in a basketball video game.

  25. TheDamdavis says:

    Do you think the PC version will have the next gen graphics?

  26. Travis Price says:

    17th or 24

  27. Trey Darrisaw says:

    I think that I know what the path to greatness replaces remember the mode on 2k13 when you get to pick any player from the nba or past players like Micheal Jordan well that is path to greatness.

  28. Tyler Nelson says:

    Official release date is Oct.1

  29. Mike30030 says:

    Can’t wait thanks for telling me

  30. TheJaredwaters says:

    17th or 24th.

  31. Ed Ramo says:

    lol good idea but i dont think 2K will EVER do that. it will no longer be a sport game, it will turn to adventure

  32. EpicPanda908 says:

    Nicely said. I agree, no freking GTA stuff. This is NBA2K.

  33. Chris Cobbin says:

    It’s a mycareer of lebron live out his career look on game radar

  34. Vinícius Manhães Andrade says:

    I don’t know if it would be all that bad, I mean, playing the classic games of someone’s career can be really entertaining, even if you play it more than once. At least, to me…

  35. Jared Banks says:

    that would really be fun, after you win your first championship in myplayer its pretty much the same. play game , win, press conference, check twitter, repeat. that explains why i havent played with my mycareer since june

  36. Jared Banks says:

    that would suck they really need too go deeper than that because once you finished the jordan moments its not a lot you can do besides play with a rookie jordan on myplayer type mode.

  37. Vinícius Manhães Andrade says:

    I think it’ll probably be something like the Jordan mode from 2k11, but for LeBron. Something like, the best 10 moments of his career. From his first big game in the NBA, to the 2013 ring. Like it’s about his path to becoming a HOFer in the NBA.

  38. Vinícius Manhães Andrade says:

    Honestly, besides the middle school thing, which I believe may already be too much, I totally disagree about the rest. I don’t give a damn about cars our a house, I just want to play basketball! I’ve never been a fan of this boasting culture related to sports, it’s ridiculous. And i don’t want to have to worry about that kind of crap while I’m playing my career.

  39. johan neal says:

    the mode is all about lebron go here exophase/game/nba-2k14-xbox/achievements

  40. king091209 says:

    They had something like that in 2k12

  41. CompleteUtterPWNage says:

    it would be cool it this was like a road to wrestlemania mode, but for nba and there is an actual story which gives you motivation to play, my player gets boring after a while .. the story leads to your player winning his first ring, whilst having rivalries with other players and stuff lol

  42. FunnyGuyHumorTv Wilson says:

    i hope its good man

  43. devyn reed says:

    ion really care I jus want great rookies great my team and great my career

  44. xanfields says:

    start though high school to college to nba

  45. Danny Desmond says:

    Maybe it’s like Jordan challenges for Lebron

  46. Mrtjgaff says:

    well, good news my friend, it’s back! look on exophrase and look up the nba 2k14 achievements

  47. Landon Edwards says:

    they should do something like what they did with ncaa football games with the path to glory, something like that

  48. MrJflo2001 says:

    Start off on the bench in high school become a started get a scholarship and be able to pick college play a year or two get drafted then play in the nba. #startedfromthebottom

  49. NappyPappy4life says:

    yeah kinda like what nba ballerz did or something….the would be dope

  50. Carst B says:

    Like this comment if you think we should not just play basketball but to have a house and live somewhere than husk play b-ball